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eight things I like about soccer

I have never been an athletic person. PE was my personal definition of hell on Earth. I’m asthmatic, so I never had much stamina or endurance. Coordination was never my strong suit, so it was difficult for me to learn most games. I played passable volleyball in junior high, and I think I was a decent cheerleader, but I was never much good at anything else. My younger children, however, seem to have inherited their father’s athletic ability. Boy Scout, Webelos Scout, and Brownie Scout all play soccer. Lil Mama, my oldest child, was born while I was still in high school. I was the only cheerleader on the squad who hung out with the Metal Heads, so I could have been voted “Least Likely to Become a Soccer Mom”. Not only am I a soccer mom, but I’m also the Registrar for the local soccer club. Over the course of the last three years, I have found a few things that I like about the game of soccer:

  1. All ages/genders/skill levels can play.
  2. The rules are easy to understand, and introduced gradually as players get older.
  3. It is easy for anyone to help the player practice, even an uncoordinated parent like me.
  4. There is very little equipment needed. These are known as the “5 S’s”:
    1. Shirt (uniform or t-shirt, as required by your club).
    2. Shin Guards.
    3. Socks that completely over the shin guards.
    4. Shoes, good athletic shoes that lace – cleats aren’t necessary until they become “serious” about the game.
    5. Shorts, or weather-appropriate pants.
  5. The game can turn on a dime.
  6. The game is infectious. I truly dislike sports, but have learned to love soccer, and not just when my younglings are playing.
  7. As long as my children played a good game, they are convinced that they won the game.
  8. There is a lot more that happens behind the scenes to make a club run than most parents think about. If your child plays a sport volunteer to help out. There is so much more to do than coach. Volunteer to be an assistant coach, team manager, referee, board member, anything! Ask a board member if you can help paint fields or put out flags or repair goal nets or help check teams in at a tournament.
Because I dislike posts without pictures, here are a few good ones from the Kohl’s American Cup in Ames, Iowa.
If you click on the images they will open in a full-page slide show.

Perhaps one of these days I will write a similar post about scouting. Until then, what do you like about, and how do you get involved with, your children’s activities?

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