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Cub Scout camp

Guy and I returned from Cub Scout camp seven hours ago, and I am exhausted! We have attended multiple camporees, but this was the first camp for each of us. We had a blast! I love watching the boys have so much fun and learn so many things.

In Nature Conservation the boys learned about animals native to Iowa and how to recognise their tracks. Then they made track casts to take home. They also learned about poison ivy, oak and sumac, and how to treat they resulting rashes.

At Shooting Sports they shot bb guns and bows – always favourites!

During Wood Crafts they built stands for their Pinewood Derby cars, and earned their Whittling Chips by carving a bar of soap with a plastic knife.

They swam – is it really camp without swimming?

To fill the time between “big” activities the staff taught “little” things … like what items should be included in a 10-Piece Kit, basic first aid, and the history of Camp Mitigwa.

The staff was wonderful, especially our Den Chief. I am still getting used to being around so many Boy Scouts all the time. It amazes me how *not* used to contentiousness and courtesy I have become. It makes me very sad to think on it. It shouldn’t be so unusual to find “common” decency outside my own home that I am taken aback by the simple acts of kindness executed by Boy Scouts. Alright, so moving away from the decline of society …

The only real problem that we had (okay, the only one I’m willing to share) was that Guy started to get sick last night. This happens every time we go to camporee, too. By the end of the second day he’s starting to get sick. I’m not sure if he’s just reaching the end of his endurance or if he’s dehydrating or what …

I feel like we (the Cub Master, Ass’t Master and I) are really good about trying to push fluids, but I’m at a loss of how to get him to drink more (I honestly don’t think he drank enough). Any ideas?

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