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The Cloth Diaper Whisperer

This is a neat blog that I follow  … I thought others might be interested.

She has lots of information regarding cloth diapers and some really cool give-aways!

It’s Raining UP … and other minutia

I haven’t blogged in quite some time, so this is going to be a rather random conglomeration of free-writing minutia …

An hour-or-so ago…

A torrential downpour of the Monsoon-variety came out of NOWHERE! Yes, I know NOAA had a warning posted, but I swear it was sunny one minute and the sky opened down a fault line the next!

I was going to go home, and stuff, but instead I’m in my office blogging and hoping that it lets up a bit soon. And to top it all off … because it was sunny and HOT earlier, I left my gorram window rolled down. Now the entire front of the minivan is soaked, and so am I because I ran outside to roll the window back up.

For anyone who doesn’t know…

I got a full-time job with benefits at WPU. I’m quite excited as I love my boss to death and I’m pretty keen on the guys I work with, too. The hatchlingis not especially thrilled with this development, though, as he thinks the Milk Lady should be at his beck and call continuously. I would happily comply if it weren’t for the fact that his older siblings have grown rather found of EATING and ELECTRICITY, but alas, we can’t make ’em all happy.

On a geek-note…

I installed TweetDecktoday, and I’m not sure if I’m happy with it. Anyone have any suggestions for how to arrange things so that it is more functional than just opening Twitter and Facebook in different IE tabs?

I’m also seriously considering installing Firefox on my work computer instead of continuing to use IE …

extraneous minutia …

The older girls are at the ex’s for the next two-ish weeks.

The older boys have Cub Camp the weekend of the 4th, and I’m going with, so if anyone nearby has camping gear that we could borrow, I would appreciate it greatly.

I’m also looking for cloth diaper suggestions. We have been using disposables lately, because I’m not the primary caretaker (because of aforementioned job), and the mismatched hodgepodge that we have used though three children is pretty sad and in desperate need of replenishment.

I think the rain may be letting up enough that I’m willing to drive home, so “ta” for now.

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