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Elfishki and the Unwelcome Guest

As I have mentioned before, we are always on the look-out for new and entertaining apps for Stud to use while we wait places. We recently moved about thirty miles from where I work and m’duine attends university. Because it was mid-trimester, and we really like the schools that the younglings attend, we decided to open enroll them in our former home district. We also moved in the middle of the fall soccer season. This means that we have spent a LOT of time waiting lately. Waiting for me to get done with work. Waiting for m’duine to get done with class. Waiting for the older younglings to get done with soccer. Have you ever tried to convince a three-year-old that he can NOT go out on the pitch to play soccer with his older brothers. You know, the older brothers who ALWAYS pass the ball with him in the yard. “WHY can’t I play with my brothers? I know how to play soccer. My brothers teach-ted me!” Needless to say, we have used the iPad a lot lately.

We have found another wonderful storybook app! I love storybook apps. Made by the people who brought us Elifishki and the Giant Cake, we now have Elfishki and the Unwelcome Guest! This is another wonderful offering from the great people at Elka Palka Production.

Once upon a time, on the beautiful Rainbow Island in the middle of the Sparkling Sea lived magical little people called Elfishki.

Some of them could fly like butterflies and some could swim like mermaids. They shared the island with animals who could speak and trees who did not talk, but understood everything. All in all, this was a place where miracles happened every day.

One morning, an ice cream seller named Vince and his friend, a dragon named Brungildo, went to their garage for the freezer boxes. But they couldn’t get inside. Vince kept putting his key into the keyhole, but it would just fall out—as if somebody pushed it back. Vince peeked into the keyhole and was dumbfounded—inside the lock was a tiny blue person with a tail…

This storybook can be read by you or your child. It can also be listened to in three different languages, English, Spanish or Russian. In the same way as the Giant Cake, the Unwelcome Guest is also interactive. Tapping different places on the illustrations make them move – such a treat for little ones!

Stud and I both love this book! I’ve also found that Boo (eight-year-old daughter) really likes it. I love that the story is not “dumbed down” just because it’s intended for children. M’duine and I use “adult” language with our children from birth. We coo at our children when they are infants, and we use the standard “aren’t you such an adorable little thing?” voices, but we mostly speak to our children like we speak to anyone else. Our children have very large vocabularies and all read above grade-level, and I believe our use of adult language helped. Hmmm, “adult language” makes it sound like we cuss at our children. <sigh> I’m not sure how else to word it, though. So I’m going to go with that and hope you understand what I mean. Anyway, Boo can read this book by herself and really likes that it doesn’t use “lots of little words”. It should maybe be noted, just for the record, that we are talking about a second grader who is currently working her way through the Harry Potter series.

I highly recommend this app to anyone with young children! I think the stated age is 4-9, but Stud is not yet four and I have seen our twelve-year-old son reading this to Stud and seeming to enjoy himself. I listened to the entire story and found it enjoyable. So, the age range is subjective. Besides, it’s only $2.99 on iTunes! That’s a pretty easy price to live with, even if your youngling only uses it a few times or you have to shelve it for a while.

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