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38 weeks

We have 11 days left until the c-section.

I’m tired. I’m uncomfortable. And everyone around me is watching intently for anything that might be a signal of labor. I’m not allowed to do anything except sit quitely and behave … two things that I DON’T do well!

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23 Weeks …

and still ill. Things are getting better, though. I’m not sure if the Phenergan is finally working or if I’m just getting better on my own. Other than that, I’m just tired and crabby, but how’s that different than normal?

I see the specialist in Des Moines on Monday and then my doctor the following Tuesday. Hopefully my marginal previa will have begun to correct itself.

The older two girls are still with my ex, but they will be home Sunday evening. A.M. is definitely missing her big sisters. She loves her brothers, but not enough to spend a week and a half playing with them!

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