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Photo a Day

iHeartFaces {1 Photo – 30 Days}
“me (introduce yourself)”

Fat Mum Slim June Photo a Day
“B is for …” Black and white Braeden.

day six

FMS Photo A Day #6: Mine


365 Days Of Blessings: My Mother

My mother and I have had our issues in the past, but we have a fairly stable relationship right now. And, she gave me (and m’duine) the really cool Keurig hot drink maker pictured above!

day five

FMS Photo A Day: Movement

I was sick all day, so I haven’t taken this picture yet. I’ll try to catch up with it sometime next week.

365 Days of Blessings: My Children

I have been blessed with wonderful children who drive me nuts on a daily basis. 🙂

day four

FMS Photo a Day: The view from here

365 Days of Blessing: a house in the country
We currently live in a little old farm house on a little parcel of land in the country. I’ve never lived in the country. I’ve lived in a couple of very small towns, but I have always lived within the borders of a recognizable city or town. I like living in the country. I like the quiet. I like the smell of the air. I like letting the younglings play, unsupervised, in the yard (admittedly, this is something they also did in the afore mentioned small towns.) I like that one of the other Scouters from our Cub Scout Pack and his Tiger Cub are our “next door neighbors,” but their house is the better part of a quarter mile down the lane! I also happen to love that my grandmother lives less than a mile away. The younglings are already making plans to walk over and visit this summer.

On a not-so-poitive note: I’m a little sad that I had to think so hard about this one today. It’s been a tough couple of weeks, but the last three days have been especially difficult. Yes, some of it is pretty major/heavy stuff. No, it’s probably not the End Of The World As We Know It. And, no, I don’t feel fine. Yes, it will probably all work itself out in the end. It’s just making me really tired, cranky and more than a little bit bitter right now. I’m going to bed now, because I’ve almost completely lost my will to even try to be positive. I am hopeful that I can dream about rainbows, lollipops, and unicorns; and wake up more content than I feel right now.

day three

FMS Photo a Day: heart



Blessing: m’duine

M’duine (scottish-gaelic for “my husband”) has put up with my eccentricities for for just over thirteen years now. He deals with my ups and downs, my anxieties and phobias, my ADHD and Fibro Fog, my inconsistencies and intolerances. I didn’t realize that anything was missing from my life before he came along and now I can’t imagine life without him. I always thought of myself as a very independent person; someone who didn’t need anyone to help me through life; someone who could do it all on her own. He has taught me the fallacy of that erroneous perception. He has taught me to be interdependent, to ask for help when I might need it, and to accept help graciously when it is offered.

day two

FMS Photo a Day: Something New


Boo, hiding behind her new skirt from Venture Scout

Blessing: My Paternal Grandmother

I was blessed to know know three of my four biological grandparents. My paternal grandmother is 85 years old, still lives in her own home, and has more energy than I do most days! She has been a fabulous role model and has helped me out of more than a few difficult situations.

happy new year

It’s the new year and, as my only resolution, I have decided to renew my focus on a few small things that make me happy.

On the top of the list is the Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day Challenge. I’m going to try and keep up without taking it too seriously. Perfectionism will not get in my way! This will also fulfill the requirements of my 365 Project, so party bonus! I’m not going to follow a theme this year, unless FMS’s PAD challenge counts as a theme. I just want to take one picture every day for the rest of the year.

Second on the list is 365 Days of Blessings. I have so many things to be thankful for, but I feel like I don’t recognize those things enough. I tried this once before, but got bogged down in the mire of life. I want to start the new year on a positive note and try to keep the positivity going all year long.

So to start things off …

FMS #1: Today

We were out of milk, bread, lunch meat, creamy peanut butter, strawberry and grape jelly, sugar, butter, honey, and a host of other things. So, we went shopping.

Blessing #1: enough food

I am so thankful that we have always had enough food. We’ve had times when money was extremely tight, but we’ve always had enough food to keep the younglings from crying about empty bellies. Not every parent is so lucky.

3. Something I held


2. Peace


1. 8 o’clock


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