day four

FMS Photo a Day: The view from here

365 Days of Blessing: a house in the country
We currently live in a little old farm house on a little parcel of land in the country. I’ve never lived in the country. I’ve lived in a couple of very small towns, but I have always lived within the borders of a recognizable city or town. I like living in the country. I like the quiet. I like the smell of the air. I like letting the younglings play, unsupervised, in the yard (admittedly, this is something they also did in the afore mentioned small towns.) I like that one of the other Scouters from our Cub Scout Pack and his Tiger Cub are our “next door neighbors,” but their house is the better part of a quarter mile down the lane! I also happen to love that my grandmother lives less than a mile away. The younglings are already making plans to walk over and visit this summer.

On a not-so-poitive note: I’m a little sad that I had to think so hard about this one today. It’s been a tough couple of weeks, but the last three days have been especially difficult. Yes, some of it is pretty major/heavy stuff. No, it’s probably not the End Of The World As We Know It. And, no, I don’t feel fine. Yes, it will probably all work itself out in the end. It’s just making me really tired, cranky and more than a little bit bitter right now. I’m going to bed now, because I’ve almost completely lost my will to even try to be positive. I am hopeful that I can dream about rainbows, lollipops, and unicorns; and wake up more content than I feel right now.


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