day three

FMS Photo a Day: heart



Blessing: m’duine

M’duine (scottish-gaelic for “my husband”) has put up with my eccentricities for for just over thirteen years now. He deals with my ups and downs, my anxieties and phobias, my ADHD and Fibro Fog, my inconsistencies and intolerances. I didn’t realize that anything was missing from my life before he came along and now I can’t imagine life without him. I always thought of myself as a very independent person; someone who didn’t need anyone to help me through life; someone who could do it all on her own. He has taught me the fallacy of that erroneous perception. He has taught me to be interdependent, to ask for help when I might need it, and to accept help graciously when it is offered.


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I am the common-law wife to a wonderful man who has walked beside me for the better part of twenty years. We have six beautiful children and four fabulous grandchildren. View all posts by silverdragonheart

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