Halloween Giveaway $500 Paypal Cash – Sign Up

Pregnancy Forum

This event is hosted by Pregnancy Forum & Joys of Life

$500 Halloween Giveaway – Worldwide

Blogger Sign Ups – July 16 to September 28. – Receive 2 FREE Links of choice Facebook/Twitter or Pinterest, with announcement post or $5.00 without announcement.

Additional links $2.00 each.

Increase your page visits, purchase hosts slot. Hosts slots available for $10 (Facebook or Twitter). Will remove this option once I get my desired number of hosts – I am looking for 200 signups – which means you will be getting traffic from those 200 blogs and pages when you host a Facebook or Twitter. Cash giveaways will get you a ton of followers!

All the amount received will go towards the giveaway.

Those who refers the most bloggers to signup the event will get their Blog Name with a link back to their blog for free on the giveaway post. Paypal email: prettyinpinkmom@gmail.com – this email is only for payments, do not send any help or questions to this email. Send the payment as a gift. Event Dates – 1 Oct to 2 Nov. I will send html out on September 30, as I’ll have to prepare the rafflecopter for 200+ links.


Publish an announcement post for the giveaway signup in order to get your Free links

Once giveaway is live promote 3x times a day

You must have a blog/website where you can publish the giveaway text and rafflecopter code to participate.

Sign up HERE.


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