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365 Days of Blessings: #21 homemade cookies

M’duine makes fantastic cookies! Cookies the size of a tea saucer. Cookies with yummy stuff in them. Chocolate cookies with white and dark chocolate chunks in them. Cookies that scream to be eaten. Cookies that have to be hidden from my Ninja-thief-younglings. And, yes, I do eat the raw dough, raw eggs and all. If it kills me, I will be said that I died doing something I love!

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365 days of blessings: #20 fresh bread

fresh bread

I love fresh bread. I love the smell of it. I love the taste of it. I love the crack of the crust and the texture of the inside. I love it warm with butter on it.

Unfortunately, I can’t make it for my life! Give me a bread machine and I’m all good. But every time I’ve tried to make it from scratch I’ve messed it up. It never rises correctly, I always get these dense bricks, never nice light loaves. M’duine can make any type of bread invented. He makes the best Nan I’ve ever tasted! And regular bread, or sweet bread, or cinnamon rolls, or biscuits, or ANYthing. He makes fantastic scones, not strictly bread, I know, but I eat it like bread so it’s being included here. He also makes fantastic Indian Fry Bread. I could go on for days, but I’ll stop now, because I’ve made myself hungry.

365 Days of Blessings: #19 music

I have very eclectic musical tastes. I’m a Music minor, so I’ve had more than my share of Music classes and I’ve truly enjoyed all of them.

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365 Days of Blessings: #18 Boy Scout camp

My oldest son leaves today as Scout and will return next Saturday as Second Class (almost First Class) Scout! This is the longest that he has ever been away from home, except to go to Grandma’s house. I’m so excited for him. He’s growing up so fast. <sigh>

52 Weeks of Handwriting

sponsored by Startwrite

I found this a little late, as it started at the beginning of June, but I thought it might be a fun way to finish out the summer and keep a record of how their handwriting and creative writing skills progress throughout the school year. We will start Monday, July 30 with the Water Parks theme.

This would be a handwriting staple if we were home schooling! When we home schooled, I encouraged the younglings to write every day, but I always dreaded the inevitable “What should I write about?” question. This takes that stress away. I’m going to participate with them, and make each of us a binder to keep our pages in.

What activities are you doing with your younglings to finish out the summer and/or get them ready for school to start back up?

365 Days of Blessings: #17 math


I love math. I always have. So much so, that I’ve never been able to understand how people could NOT love math! Sorry, my Geek is showing.

365 Days of Blessings: #16 summer thunderstorms

summer thunderstorms

It rained in southern Iowa last night! We got less than a half inch of rain and all it really did was make it humid today, but I love thunderstorms!

Blogger Sign up “Rantings from Lil n Hail’s Mom” 1,000 fan give away

I am having a 1K fan giveaway. I want to celebrate my fans for being there and reading all my rants. My sponsors are listed below with their sites, feel free to go check them out. You will receive one free link, with an announcement post or a 1.00 without announcement. After that its a 1.00 a link, whatever link you want up to 5.

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I have a couple more sponsors who might be apart of this giveaway but I am not putting them on the list till we have a definitive answer.

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