10. The Best Bit of My Weekend?

Boy Scout “took one for the team” – there’s some debate as to whether the other player punched him or cleated him in the face. It looks more likely to have been a punch, to me. The offending player received a Red Card and had to leave the tournament. The other team’s coach found us after the game and asked if he was alright. He has a couple of small scratches, a bit of a bruise and a very sore jaw, but he’s fine otherwise.



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4 responses to “10. The Best Bit of My Weekend?

  • dalzellphoto

    Playing soccer for a lot of years and covered in many scars from it that looks a lot like a cleat mark. Spikes could still be intentional, I know it happened to me a few times on purpose. However the more I look at it, those are really close for the majority of cleats unless the spikes of the other players were little studs (like mine used to be.) So, my response really solved nothing haha, but I’d say from my experience that could be a solid cleat mark.

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