Loving: Undercut Bugslinger UV Buff from Planet Buff – look for a review eventually

Reading: Thirst, book 1 – I will be starting it this weekend at the tourney. Venture Scout just finished it the other day and she thought I would “LUUUV it!”

Watching: The Woman in Black – tonight. after I get home from all my errands. while I finish packing for this weekend. I rented it from redbox last night, but I forgot to watch it!

Anticipating: Kohl’s American Cup this weekend – Spring Soccer is almost done!

Laughing About: the price of saws-all blades – crazy!

Listening To: Galileo Radio on Pandora

Eating: Pizza Ranch with Grandma, Maelduin (NSFW), and the Younglings

Working On: entering time cards for my day job – I spent all day working on them, since my my student worker wasn’t there.

Wishing: Soccer would register itself for the Fall season. I’m the Registrar for the local soccer club and, while the Spring season is finishing up for the Younglings’ teams this weekend, I’m already working on Fall season registration.

Inspired By: That Mama Gretchen



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