Secret Agent / Spy Party Printable treasure Hunt *Review*

I was given the opportunity to review the Secret Agent/Spy Party Printable Treasure Hunt from Queen of Theme Party Games just in time for a Memorial Day barbecue at my grandmother’s house. My four youngest children (all under twelve) and two other children (ages six and eight) were there. My grandmother’s house sits on 3/4 of an acre of well-kept lawn in the country, affording us a multitude of hiding spaces, and allowing the children to run around like screaming banshees without disturbing anyone except the neighbor’s cows!

All that was needed for the party was cardstock, scissors, a few brad fasteners, pencils or crayons, six or so black balloons (we used a bag of twelve), a couple cotton swabs, less than a teaspoon each of baking soda and water, a couple ounces of grape juice, and (optional) “treasure” for the end of the hunt.

Queen of Theme also has lots of free Spy Party Games and they sell a coordinating set of Personalized Spy Party Supplies! If we were doing this for a party, I would seriously consider the coordinating printables and I would have used many, if not all, of the games. Maelduin made Secret Agent ID Cards, but the ones included in the extra printables are really cute! Also, it would be very easy to take this theme and run with it. You could go all “Sherlock Holmes” and get deerstalker hats and magnifying glasses. Or you could go all “Men in Black” with fedoras and sunglasses for the guests and instructions to wear as much black clothing as possible.

I was a little concerned about the age range we had for our group. Queen of Theme recommends this hunt for ages 7-13, and our group was six kids, ages 3, 6, 8, 8, 10, and 11. Stud (3yo ds) got bored and wandered off to do his own thing, but that’s not unusual. Oppa’s girlfriend’s 6yo dd (how’s THAT for a convoluted description?!) got bored for a few clues, but came back near the end. I think part of the problem was that the (bigger/older) boys were figuring out the clues before the (smaller/younger) girls had a chance to help. I had never met Oppa’s girlfriend’s kids and my younglings can be fickle when it comes to this kind of activity.

First Clue and completed Key Locator

Rot-13 Decoders and Morse Code “cheat sheets” provided by Queen of Theme, and the FBI “I.D.s” that Maelduin made.

Using the Rot-13 Decoder to figure out the first clue.

Clue Three found!

Clue Four was hiding in the mailbox!

Clue Five

Clue Six: They had to break the “bombs” to find the pieces to this clue. I will under-inflate the bombs the next time we do this, as they broke too easily!

I missed the rest of the clues, because they flew through them too quickly for me to take pictures!

I was amazed at how much the kids liked this. More than once they told me that we needed to do this again the next time we all get together! They were so intent on figuring out the last clue, that they completely missed the bag of “treasure” marked “Mission Completed” that was sitting right in front of them on the table! I think I took six pictures of it, just because I was so entertained!

Mission (almost) Completed!

They’re all so intent on figuring out the last clue that they have missed the “treasure” right in front of them!

In all, I would say that this party kit is worth every penny, especially since you can use it for more than one party! We will definitely use this again. It will be so easy to print out a new set and use new locations. I even think the Boy Scout Troop (ages 11-18) would like this if we used harder locations (say different points on a hiking trail) or if they set it up for the Cub Scout Pack.

We used it as a cooperative activity, but you can break a larger group up into smaller teams and have them each use different locations. There are 30 locations on the Key Locator, so you could use the same 30 locations for three teams, just mixing the locations up so that each team has it’s clues hidden in different locations.

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