16. What I’m Reading

Retreading, actually. I really enjoyed the books the first time through, so I’m reading them again.



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3 responses to “16. What I’m Reading

  • Sandra

    I just finished Catching Fire and have to start Mockingjay. The kids tell me the final is a bit of a let down after the first two. What amazing books and I’m forty-five. My kids dragged me along to the movie and that was it…I was sold. One of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Enjoy the read!

    • silverdragonheart

      I liked Mockingjay, but I liked Hunger Games and Catching Fire better. I liked the movie, also, but I tend to nit-pick all the things that are “wrong” with movie adaptations. I even managed to get Maelduin to read the books and watch the movies!

      • Sandra

        My daughter is the same about movies she see after reading the book. I watched the movie first so I think I liked it better than they did.
        Mockingjay is on my summer reading list.

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