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I have worn all of my children, starting with my oldest (Geneva), 20 years ago, in a “crotch dangler”. I continued to use that until she was past her third birthday. She was very thin, so under the weight limit, but she had to lay her head on my shoulder so that I could see to walk! It was so much simpler to carry her in the front pack than to try and haul an umbrella stroller around with us on the city bus.

My ex-husband, Griffin, and I and our bff Viking were backpacking/camping/hiking junkies at the time, so we purchased a KeltyKIDS frame carrier when Geneva was 3.5-ish. We still have the same carrier today! It’s wonderful for carrying a child who has good head and neck control. It used to have a little rucksack that zipped to the back, but it was lost many years ago. DD#2 (Phoenix) likes to carry our now 3yo ds in this sometimes. It is very comfortable to wear, even for extended trips, and wears much like an external frame camping pack.

I had one of the original commercially (but no longer) available slings with Phoenix. We enjoyed some success with that, but used it mostly as a front pack, since it was convertible.

With Bubba (ds#1) I had a ring sling with padded rails, and a rebozo. I still have the same rebozo 11 years later. I love the versatility of the rebozo. I never mastered the back carry, but hug, kangaroo and hip carries were used with him and all three of his younger siblings. It has also been used as a nursing cover, pram blanket and super hero cape.

I can’t remember getting any new carriers with Monkey Man (ds#2). It was so hard to keep him still, even in a carrier, that I think I just kept the rebozo in the diaper bag and used that when he got tired enough that he wanted to cuddle.

When Boo (dd#3) came along I was involved in a parenting group and I was the crunchiest mama in the bunch. So I taught classes on Baby Wearing, Cloth Diapering, Natural Baby Care Products and Making Your Own Baby Food. At this time I purchased my first unpadded ring sling (a Maya Sling). I still have this sling eight years later and I love it!

The only carrier we added to the mix after Stud (ds#3) was born was a homemade stretchy wrap. It was FFS from a mom blogger who I’ve been following for years, and it was made out of bright orange microrib. Stud was born while I was still a full-time university student and he came to school with us. We lived 30+ miles from the university that M’duine (dh) and I were both attending and we arranged our course loads such that Stud could come with us, or one of us or a close friend was available to watch him. Needless to say, I wore Stud a LOT. I got a fair amount of flak for my “crossing guard” wrap, but he loved it, and I could wear him for hours and nurse discretely, so we were all good!

Anyway, all of that history was a lead-in to the really cool giveaway that is being hosted by Taylor Made Mama …

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