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I have lost the battle with another website. I just created my first design board on Polyvore. As I’m brand new to the sight, I know nothing about how to use it. I am a very visual-kinetic learner, so I just jumped right in and started doing things.

I thought I would share my first go. Feel free to comment. My feelings aren’t especially delicate, but I prefer critiques that will assist me in developing a more professional style to ones that tell me I’m awful! I’m working on my bachelor’s degree in Communications with a Fine Arts emphasis, but design boards have never been used in any of my classes, so I’m trying to teach myself how to use them.

I chose items that I liked the look of, with no thought to the price (a girl can dream, right?)

This would be a nice outfit for a business-casual office during the lovely spring weather in southern Iowa. I work in a very casual office. Unfortunately, a white blazer would never stay clean here, as I am the office manager for the maintenance department at the university I attend, and my office is actually located in the maintenance shop. I could wear everything else, though. My makeup choices reflect a very light, neutral face with a little extra color pop on the nails. I would pull my hair back in a loose bun with the flower hairpin for a little bit of whimsy.

Please let me know what you think!

orange/turquoise business casual

Calypso St Barth v neck tee
$65 –

Vanessa Bruno Athé oversized shirt
£67 –

Mango chino pants
£23 –

Gold platform heels
$50 –

Proenza Schouler leather handbag
$2,030 –

MICHAEL Michael Kors turquoise jewelry
$85 –

Horn earrings
$17 –

Cotton scarve
$12 –

ASOS floral hair accessory
$15 –

Estée Lauder matte eyeshadow
£30 –

MAC Cosmetics shimmer blush
£19 –

Revlon cosmetic
€16 –

Opi nailpolish
150 NOK –

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