Camp Mitigwa, here we come!

I may start referring to my children by their scout ranks! It seems like so much of our lives revolve around scouting around here. The older boys, “1st year Webelos” and “2nd year Webelos”, both passed their camp physicals with flying colors yesterday. Doc even knew what Webelos means. I don’t think The Webelos noticed, though. They were wound for sound all day. So that everyone is included, we also have “1st year Senior Girl Scout/Venture Scout”, “1st year Brownie Girl Scout”, and “2-year-old who thinks he’s a Tiger Cub Scout”. Just to avoid confusion, all of the scouts have graduated/bridged to the next rank, so they are now being referred to by the rank that they will be all of next school year. If that doesn’t make sense, let me know and I’ll do my best to explain, or let you know which child is which rank if we know you in real life.

I have gotten the OK from the cardiologist, so hopefully the PA will sign my form sometime this week. I haven’t blogged about that saga, but for those who know what is going on, the verdict is that I have three heart murmurs. Two are common – 50% of people have the same type of murmur. The other one is not likely to give me any trouble until I am in my 80’s or 90’s, so there will be no change in my care, except that I will return for another ultrasound in three years. Also, my heart is pumping the correct volume so that’s not the reason that I have been feeling so poorly as of late. At this point, I just hope I start to feel better before camp.

We had a blast at camp last year and we’re all excited for this year! The Webelos are already talking about getting flags, shooting BB guns, swimming tests, and woodworking. 1st year Webelos wondered out loud about the possibility of fireworks at camp! (ugh!) He was more than a little disappointed when I explained that I was pretty sure that would violate multiple BSA safety rules.

In preparation for camp, I have been drooling over all the equipment I want to get from REI. I also found this giveaway at Busy Mommy Media, and had to enter! We have always had good lucky with Kelty equipment. We have a backpack child carrier that Griffin and I bought 17-ish years ago when there was only one child, but she was too small to hike through the woods all day. We also have a large Kelty backpack diaper bag that M’duine and I purchased on the interwebs when I was pregnant with 1st year Webelos. It is great for trips to Grandmas! If we are only going to be gone for a weekend, then that and a tiny diaper bag are all we need. Otherwise, I can get an entire week’s worth of clothing in there for an infant or toddler. I have worn it while wearing a small child in a sling on my front, but it is awkward to swing said child to my hip. I would do a review on it, but I don’t see it on their website, so I doubt it is still available. Perhaps I will do some reviews of equipment after 1st grand-baby is born.

Feel free to let me know your “must have” items for camping with children in the comments!


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