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It’s time for Camp-o-ree. I was excited – until I looked at the weather report. There’s a pretty good chance of showers and thunderstorms on Saturday. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Chief Wapello Trail that starts at the Teepee in Ottumwa Park and ends 11 miles later at Chief Wapello’s grave on the southeast edge of Agency. When the trail opened May 1, 1971, 177 people hiked a 25 mile-trail, which then included the Cliffland River Access. Our Cub Scout pack will be hiking the first, 5 mile, portion of the trail. I will keep the camp safe from marauding zombies, as my knee has been very whiney this Spring.

Some of the Boy Scout troops will be traveling the entire trial. At least one troop will be hiking from Ottumwa to Agency and then they will turn around and hike BACK. Seriously! 22 miles? Have I mentioned recently that I am in complete awe of the average Boy Scout?

Anyway, it’s now 04:00, so I should probably try and get some sleep, especially since it appears that I will be taking Arawn back to Kids Clinic in the morning for a possible sinus infection.

Night, all!

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