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Life with a PMA

A million years ago (when I was in high school), I was told that with a Positive Mental Attitude anything was possible. I did a miserable job of really learning that lesson. As an adult, however, I have made a concerted effort to keep a PMA.Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not perfect (in this way or any other), but I do try. I try to remember that I have a LOT to be thankful for, and that my life could be a LOT worse.

Some days, though, I really wonder if the Universe takes exception to my attempts to be positive. Last night, I made (what was supposed to be) a quick trip to the grocery store. I came out to find that the PT Cruiser’s battery, that has been giving us fits, was dead (again). I then realized that my mobile phone was not in my purse where I thought it was. but instead it was in the basket on my night stand charging. So, instead of being able to call for help, I got to walk home, get the van, go back to the grocery store, jump the car, and then finally go home.

My wonderful DH then hooked up the battery charger, so that the battery could (hopefully) get over its attitude problem. The Cruiser started nicely in the morning, but by the time it sat in the cold all day it refused to start when it was time to leave. So, I skipped the board of directors’ meeting that I was supposed to go tonight. I was NOT in the mood to get stuck with a dead battery 35 miles from home! I didn’t remember until 8:30pm that I was supposed to stop at Menard’s to get some stuff from the Contractor’s Desk for one of the guys at work. So, now I get to come in on my day off Wednesday afternoon so that I can get the delivery.

B has his post-op appointment Wednesday morning. I am hopeful that the Cruiser will decide to work, but we’ll see. He’s been doing very well during the days, but has been waking at night again since we started backing off the pain meds. He’s been using some acetaminophen and ibuprofen, because he’s still complaining of some pain. I’m not looking forward to the doctor removing the dressing! An adhesive bandage and steri-strips that has been on for two weeks is not my idea of something that will be enjoyable to have removed.

Anyway, I’m going to stop complaining now and try to get some sleep.

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