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Super Bowl?!

Really?! Really?! Ugh!

Anyone who has known me for more than about three seconds knows how much I *love* watching sports on the tele. But, really … Super Bowl Sunday has gotten almost as ridiculous as Christmas and Halloween. This Sunday is also Scout Sunday, which will mark the 100th Birthday of Boy Scouting in America. The boys will have the opportunity to mark this occasion by wearing their uniforms to Mass. I will spend the rest of the rest of the day hiding in my bedroom pretending the Super Bowl doesn’t exist.

On The Needles

AM’s hat is finished, complete with the pompom that she requested. She proudly wore it to school yesterday.

I’m currently working on the Montavilla Market Tote from Knit Picks. I like the look of the woven stitch bottom, but it feels very fiddly. The rhythm is very similar to 1×1 rib, but I have to keep actively paying attention or I knit (or purl) my slip stitches. The four balls of yarn I purchased are supposed to make two full-sized bags. I may purchase four more balls of yarn and alter the pattern to make (four?) small bags.

I purchased a set of color cards so m’duine and I can choose the colors for his Original Dr. Who Scarf.

I’ll try to upload some photos later … P & I got our hair done yesterday … bright, bright, bright!

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