Monthly Archives: February 2009


I finished my last pastel drawing during the Girl Scout Service Unit Meeting last night. (yea, me) It is of this cruddy little pinch pot I made in Ceramics, but I forgot to bring knitting to the meeting, so I needed something to DO while I was listening. Also, it will make Victoria happy that I finished all of my assignments, even if they aren’t all the greatest. And a happy Victoria is worth a LOT.

Now to the KEYS. Anna Maureen, Braeden, & I came to McGrew so that I could turn in my last drawing. We arrived a few minutes after 10 thinking that the kids could watch IPTV whilst I did some work on the computer, but alas I failed to abscond with Christopher’s building keys, so we have been “playing” in the hallway for an hour and a half … ah, such is life!

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