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Braeden Darius


approximately 8 hours old

approximately 8 hours old

This photo was taken approximately 8 hours after birth with Mommy’s MotoQ while she was holding Braeden with her other hand.

The delivery went well, with no complications for Mommy or Braeden.

It is almost exactly 24 hours since delivery. Mommy has been up and walking around and the surgeon has been in and said that I can move up from the “clear liquid” diet.

Braeden has been nursing well (finally) and has had multiple wet and/or dirty diapers.


I love him, but I may have to kill him!

He has Sleep Apnea, and because of this he snores very loudly. He also dislikes wearing his CPAP, especially when, like now, he is congested. I also snore, so it’s not like I think I’m somehow easier to sleep with. In fact, I snore so loudly sometimes that I wake MYSELF up! However, we are now going on 3 or 4 nights in a row where he has been snoring worse than normal and either not wearing his mask or by giving me serious attitude when I ask him to wear it.

Anyway, I’m tired now & hopefully I’ll be able to sleep sometime soon-ish.

38 weeks

We have 11 days left until the c-section.

I’m tired. I’m uncomfortable. And everyone around me is watching intently for anything that might be a signal of labor. I’m not allowed to do anything except sit quitely and behave … two things that I DON’T do well!

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